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Up to Date Employee Handbooks Reduces Problems in the Workplace
By: Amy L. Williams, Sr. Human Resource Consultant

Do the employee problems in your company seem to be non-stop?  Constantly having to address employee issues?  Many times the problem does not lie with the employees but the lack of an up to date employee handbook, to help lay down the policies and procedures of your company.  The main function of an employee handbook is to outline the mission, vision and goals of the company, but the function of the employee handbook should not stop there.  It should contain certain fundamental components that address employee conduct, time and attendance and certain mandatory federal and state requirements to name a few.  The employee handbook serves as a roadmap for employees so that they are clear on your expectations for their performance and behavior within the company.  It mitigates employee issues in the workplace by providing employees with clear policies and procedures at the start of their employment.

While the handbook should contain a general welcome to the company, the focus on the handbook should be to describe the culture and employment with your company.  So, a few questions for you to ponder as you think of your existing handbook.

1.Do you have 15 or more employees or aspire to increase the size of your business?
2.Has an HR professional audited your handbook in the last year?
3.Are you having employee issues in your company?
4.Are there some policies that you would like to implement to help your company function better?
5.Do you ever wonder if your employee handbook is in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, click below to request a free employee handbook audit.

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